New year, new flight discounts

Now is a good time to book spring and autumn flights to Japan. The ANA special sale is on until 31 January: £499 from the UK to Japan, with a free stopover in Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya in each direction. The JAL winter sale finished on 20 January but there are still tickets from £549 while the BA winter sale ends on 30 January with flights to Osaka from £526 and Tokyo from £541 return.

The above prices are for flying direct, but if you don’t mind making a stop on the way, flights can be had from £413 (KLM/Air France via Amsterdam or Paris) or £529 (SAS via Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm).

Once you’ve booked your international flights, it’s time to look at your domestic travel options. Japan’s train networks are highly efficient and fast, not to mention a lot more climate friendly than flying. Taking the train should be your first choice: a bullet train ride from Tokyo to Osaka (500km/310 miles) takes only 2.5 hours. That said, for far out destinations like Nagasaki or Sapporo, you may consider flying. 

Both JAL and ANA offer special domestic rates for international visitors starting at Y5500/£39 one way. To purchase these discounted flight tickets, you just need to be in possession of a return international flight ticket with any airline. Book via their respective websites: JAL – Japan Explorer Pass and ANA – Experience Japan Fare

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